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    Guardian Angel products give them the freedom to learn and grow, while giving you a little peace of mind.

  • Keep your


    Guardian Angel gives your family the ability to get the help they’d need if they were ever in an emergency situation.

Guardian Angel Personal Safety Solutions




Emergency Info when you need it

iBuddy offers various items such as necklaces, keyrings, license disc holders, etc that provides important information in emergency situations. The iBuddy item displays important information such as the relevant contact person as well as any serious medical conditions such as allergies. Via the Website or USSD, more detailed information is obtainable by medical personnel or the person who is lending a helping hand.

Peace of mind in the Zone

The Guardian Angel Safe Zones provide solutions for schools, malls, hospitals, exhibition centres – just about any public establishment. The Safe Zone Beacons, strategically placed within the venue, picks up the signal from the Safe Zone Tag worn by an individual and a notification is sent to the designated person that the Safe Zone has been entered or exited by the person wearing the Tag.

Know where your loved ones are

With the Guardian Angel Loc8or, the location of the device linked to your loved one’s profile, can be viewed via the Website. We have prioritized the size of the device to make it as small as possible so it can be discreetly hidden on the person, so as to not attract attention to it. The Loc8or will also interact with all the Guardian Angel Safe Zones

Know if your loved one’s in trouble

The Guardian Angel SOS Loc8or allows the person wearing the device to send a panic alert, notifying the relevant person that they are in trouble and need help. It’s perfect for older children like teenagers who wants their independence, but it gives you some peace of mind that if they’re in trouble, they can let you know. You can also see the location of the device so the authorities can immediately be notified and sent to the location for assistance.
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